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Kredos company s.r.o follows with the tradition of ERGON, which operates in different modification and name at the Czech market with medical, orthopaedic and rehabilitation production since 1917. On these pages you can find specialised and complete catalogue of beds, sick - beads, inclusive of their components, facilities and night's and hospital's table supplements, mattresses, wooden fronts, side boards and lateral barriers designated for:

  • hospitlas
  • pensioner houses
  • social care institutions
  • spa houses
  • sanatorium and pensions
  • other hospital institutions
  • households, where the care service is provided

Price unique and conception original offer from firm KREDOS BRNO

for hospital and rehabilitation continuously positional beds and sick - beads of new generation, designated for all medical institutions, pensioner houses, social care institutions and households. We produce medical technology as the only one right Czech Company for more than 75 years and without financial and material commitment of foreign capital. That is why we can entirely pursue our clients, their needs, and requests, in contrast with the others. As the result of our policy is the offer of comparable quality for incomparably low prices. Shorter delivery terms, longer guaranties, top quality after - guaranty service, higher rebates and discounts are the facts, which has been appreciated by steadily considerable number of satisfied clients.

Enumeration of some merits and delivery advantages of our beds and sick - beads are following:

  • modern and comprehensive approach in solution of all the requirements for the beds and sick - beads
  • prefabricated system, which satisfy all clients
  • simple manipulation and easy maintenance, reliability, processing quality
  • appreciated European standard for internal prices, which are without competition
  • full medical insurance payment for private persons is in the negotiation

ING. PAVEL KREJČÍ, Kamenná čtvr 91, 63900, Brno - Czech Republic
   Tel.: +420 543 233 867, +420 724 006 001   
Email: kredos1@iol.cz