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Brief overview

 1. Universal trapeze
 2. Stand for infusion apparatus
 3. Hospital´s portable screen 3 - section
 4. Single-stage step and double-stage step 
 5. Mattresses for hospital beds

Universal trapeze

Mounting on the boards of standart metal beds.

Spacing of angle plates385 - 585 mm
Height1350 mm
Trapeze radius650 mm
Weight6 kg

Stand for infusion apparatus

For mouting two infusion sets.

Height1400 - 2450 mm
Carriage width540 mm
Weight7 kg

Hospital´s portable screen 3 - section

Easy to store and to attache more section

Height18O0 mm
Total width2800 mm
Weight13 kg

Single-stage step and double-stage step

Length440 mm440 mm
Width200 mm400 mm
Height220 mm450 mm
Weight3 kg6 kg

Mattresses for hospital beds

Assortment of all types mattresses for our standart beds and also custom made for other suppliers in variation of full length or 3 section mattress.

    The covers:
  • sanitary washable artificial leather
  • rubber coated waterproof fabric
  • linen damask
  • hygienic mattress with PVC foil Czech made
  • hygienic mattress with PVC foil from Sweden
Lengthmax. 2000 mm
Widthmax. 1000 mm
Height80 nebo 100 mm

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