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Brief overview

 1. The examination table "ELEGANT PLUS"
 2. Couch for exercising model "KENNY"

 1. Apparatus table
 2. Instrument table "IDEAL"
 3. Folding instrument side-table
 4. Instrument table PN 3
 5. Table for hospital wards "PRAKTIK"  
 6. Utility table "DUO" and "TRIO"
 7. Instrument table stailess

Apparatus table

Top is non-conducting.

Length740 mm
Width520 mm
Height610 mm
Weight18 kg
Max. loading capacity90 kg

Instrument table "IDEAL"

Height is adjustable, stainless steel panel.

Length of frame690 mm
Width of frame510 mm
Max. height1350 mm
Weight14 kg

Folding instrument side-table

Stainless steel panel.

Length680 mm
Width480 mm
Height810 mm
Weight14 kg

Instrument table PN 3

3 stainless steel panels.

Length480 mm
Width700 mm
Height860 mm
Weight18 kg
Max. loading capacity100 kg

Table for hospital wards "PRAKTIK"

Height adjustable overbed table designed for patients daily use. Bigger part of top is foldable, smaller is fixed in the horizontal position. Equiped with small castors and brakes. Manufactured from hygienic materials - easy cleaning.

Length850 mm
Width450 mm
Adjustable height min. - max.850 - 1300 mm
Weight15 kg

Utility table "DUO" and "TRIO"

With stainless plate and practical drawers. Save place, can be located under examination table "Elegant plus".

Length480 mm
Width700 mm
Height590 mm
Weight20 resp. 23 kg

Instrument table stailess

Lenght480 mm
Width700 mm
Height 860 mm
Weight 18 kg
Max. loading capacity100 kg

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