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Brief overview

 1. The examination table "ELEGANT PLUS"
 2. Couch for exercising model "KENNY"

 1. Apparatus table
 2. Instrument table "IDEAL"
 3. Folding instrument side-table
 4. Instrument table PN 3
 5. Table for hospital wards "PRAKTIK"  
 6. Utility table "DUO" and "TRIO"
 7. Instrument table stailess

The examination table "ELEGANT PLUS"

Headboard with facial hole adjustable by help of gas spring, top upholstered. Possibility to place utility tables "DUO" and "TRIO".

Length2000 mm
Width650 mm
Height740 mm
Weight30 kg

Couch for exercising model "KENNY"

For health, centres for examining patients, doing exercises, massaging and chiropractic therapy. The desk top is softly upholstered.

Length2010 mm
Width780 mm
Height750 mm
Weight50 kg

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